Technical Notes (TN)

Concept of the undertaking
"Technical Note" is supposed to be a platform of information exchange within FMC community. There are many important research findings which are not matured enough or not sufficiently investigated to become a basis for the conference paper. Often such results open new questions to young researchers, which could be discussed with experts taking part in the conference. Another objective of the “Technical Note” is to spread information on activities developing in our community. Especially cooperation with industry and international collaboration. Important is also inspiration of new research directions, especially multidisciplinary approaches.

TN presentation
Technical notes will be displayed during the whole conference duration on prepared display boards. Authors of exposed TN’s should be available for discussion during extended morning coffee brakes every day.

TN submission procedure
The available board area for Technical Notes poster should not exceed 120 cm height and 94 cm width. The proposed TN will be submitted until one month before the conference. TN Committee will reject these TN that are not formatted properly and which thematically do not fit to the scope of KKMP. The authors will be informed about the rejection of the TN. The list of the TN will not be published in the book of conference papers abstracts. But the list of topics, authors and explanations will be printed and distributed at the conference site.

What TN is not:
  • TN is not a conference paper
  • TN is not reviewed by a conference papers screening committee
  • TN is not presented orally

What TN is:
  • short information on:
    • a new undertaken innovative scientific topics
    • important new results and concepts
    • presenting problems to be solved
    • a newly obtained projects
    • a newly established international collaboration
    • research planned by young researchers
    • seeking partners for project applications